About Us

UrSpace breaks the mobility mould

UrSpace took a close look at the existing garden room, garden office and garden office pod marketplace and identified three important problems: –

A confusing
price matrix

Designs that are very similar to each other

Structures and specifications that do not match the quoted price matrix

Our new start

Drawing on our team’s combined ‘century’ of construction, architectural, design and project management experience, UrSpace was formed to offer an alternative with three priorities, which are to provide: –

• An inspiring best use of space in every location

• A highly-bespoke design and ‘look’ tailored carefully to individual spaces


Building the Dream

We realise that supplying a building unit is only part of the process; a one-size-fits-all approach does not meet the intensity of modern needs.

More importantly, we have looked closely at why portable permanent and semi-permanent home extension units are needed and what is involved in make their long-term use successful.

As employees travel less to the “company office” and spend more time in their “home office”, they must be able to buy into a complete domestic and online digital experience. This includes a secure attractive environment, internet connectivity, good sound proofing, warmth in winter and cool conditions in summer, plumbing, power and other utility connections, plus low energy use and prices.

Work and family needs

In many instances, a family social element must to be built into the original design too, especially for flexible weekend use.

Because a purpose-designed and built smart garden room/office is likely to form part of a new long-term relationship between employers and employees, it can also be important to include options up front to further extend and upgrade, or move a unit to a fresh location, when a family moves house.

Sustainable responsibilities

UrSpace also appreciates that in the new sustainable paradigm we must work responsibly through our supply chain with climate change priorities, ambitious net-zero emissions targets, circular economy principles.

Our Methodology

We design, manufacture and install bespoke garden rooms, garden offices and garden office pods around you, your work,
your family and your wider needs. Your views are important and you are central.

To help you, we provide not only detailed information but also well-informed advice and guidance so that you can feel confident in making decisions about:

  • How you would like your garden office/room to
    look and function
  • Its optimum size for both your present and future needs
  • What budget you wish to commit

The UrSpace combined team is able to do this because we bring together more than 100-years of professional, commercial and trade experience in: 

  • Adopting best practices from house building
  • Sourcing the best sustainable materials
  • Partnering with the first-class Design Architects
    and Interior Designers.

Michael Sinclair


Having spent nearly 30 years in the design, development and innovative side of the house-building and construction industry, Michael has a passion for modern buildings that bring individual client visions and projects to life with clean lines, bold colours and minimal environmental footprints. Michael’s extensive experience in providing practical homes and design methodology is now helping to make UrSpace a leader in energy- and cost-efficient, architecturally-advanced designs and structures, plus innovative and sustainable products for outdoor living and working. 

When he is not officially at work, Michael loves helping put the world to rights on all things sporting. He has a progressing view on most topical issues … and, as people who know him well can confirm, also cooks a mean breakfast!

George Crooks


George as a qualified Chartered Accountant brings financial acumen and lean manufacturing principles to the UrSpace team, helping to ensure a best solution every time for our valued customers.

Having previously spent more than 20 years as the UK Managing Director of a multinational Engineering and Manufacturing business, he created career opportunity and development for more than 80 locally based employees, many of whom joined
under Modern Apprenticeship or Engineering
Degree programmes.

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