Why move when you can improve?

For many people, employers and employees, a home extension to increase the size of an existing house is an attractive, affordable and flexible remote working option that is not only swift and convenient to install but also enhances property value.

There are two routes. Traditional brick is reassuring and well-proven. Modular pre-fabrication adds sustainable benefits, including minimum time and disruption on site, lifetime guarantees, high insulation values and energy-efficiency, a low-carbon footprint, plus the use of sustainably-sources materials and manufacturing methods.

Both approaches involve close customer consultation and guidance, followed by careful planning, order confirmation, site preparation and installation. However, here the two routes diverge.

Standard construction

A well-established fashionable and affordable approach to high quality standards that provides traditional comforts, plus an attractive look and finish.

For the traditional feel, as with all UrSpace garden rooms, office pods and extensions, our aim is to take your unique home addition from vision to reality. We keep unavoidable inconvenience to a minimum, although with almost all work taking place on site, raw material deliveries are inevitable.

Modular build

A sustainable, swift and high quality pre-built approach that minimises waste created on site and carbon emissions, plus local deliveries, noise and disruption.

With modular build, almost all activity is factory-based with finished components delivered and assembled quickly. Groundwork foundations are still essential. But here we can help again.

You can choose a traditional base which does take time to lay. Alternatively, using a ground screw system that takes advantage of deeper sub-surface ground stability, foundations can be completed in a few hours with minimal intrusion. Utility connections are avoided carefully.

Our pre-built modular construction system also means that panels are manufactured and assembled indoors. To minimise environmental impact, we use high-quality long-life composite materials, or sustainably-sourced timber where necessary.

Offsite fabrication means not only being able to avoid bad weather conditions but also using materials more efficiently to lower costs, waste, energy use and transport, while underpinning quality, availability and delivery times.