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Are you one of these People?

What we found

We took a look at the main problems customers faced when creating their dream space…

A confusing price matrix

Designs that are very similar to each other

Structures and specifications that do not match the quoted price matrix

Design Process

We’re making it easier for you to design your very own garden Space specific to your needs. 

We are offering you the opportunity to Have Face to Face Design consultation with Michael Sinclair, the Design & Creative Force behind UrSpace Garden Rooms.

Having Spent Nearly 30 Years in the design, development and innovative side of house – building and Construction industry. Michael has a Passion for modern garden buildings that brings individuals’ clients’ visions and projects to life with clean lines and urban colours and minimal environmental Footprints.

Michael is now helping to make UrSpace a leader in cost effective and bespoke garden buildings for the outdoor living and working market.

How it works

Learn the 5 Steps to making Ur Dream Space Become reality


Creating a concept


Budget planning


Design process


Building your dream


Enjoy UrSpace

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